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How to Setup L2TP/IPSec VPN on Windows Vista

To configure the L2TP/IPsec connection:

  1. Go to the Start Menu, then Control Panel
  2. Click on Network and Internet
  3. Click on Network and Sharing Center
  4. Click Setup a new connection or network
  5. Choose Connect to a workplace then click Next
  6. Click Use my Internet Connection (VPN)
  7. In the Internet address field, type one of the following names:

    • USA VPN Service Los Angles, California, US:
    • USA VPN Service Dallas, Texas, US:
    • USA VPN Service Miami, Florida, US:
    • USA VPN Service Seattle, Washington, US:
    • USA VPN Service New York, New York, US:
    • USA VPN Service Chicago, Illinois, US:
    • UK VPN Service London, UK:
    • Canada VPN Service Montreal, Canada:
    • Australia VPN Service Sydney, Australia:
    • Netherlands VPN Service Amsterdam, Netherlands:
    • France VPN Service Paris, France:
    • Germany VPN Service Frankfort, Germany:
    • Russia VPN Service Saint Petersburg, Russia:
    • Japan VPN Service Tokyo, Japan:
  8. In the Destination name field, type ServStrong L2TP.
  9. Check Don't connect now then click Next
  10. Type in your VPN Username and Password in their respective fields; leave Domain field blank
  11. Check Remember this password
  12. Click Create and then Close
  13. In Network and Sharing Center, click Change adapter settings
  14. Right-click your new connection and click Properties
  15. On the security tab, Select Advanced (custom settings).
  16. Change Data encryption to Maximum strength encryption to enable 256-bit encryption.
  17. On the Networking tab, change the dropdown box from Automatic to L2TP IPsec VPN.
  18. On the Networking tab, click IPsec Settings and confirm that the Use presharedkey for authentication and enter "thisismykey" without quotes in key field
To Connect
  1. In the Windows Taskbar, click on the Network icon
  2. Click on your new connection, and then click on the Connect button
  3. Type in your VPN Username and Password in their respective fields and click Connect
To Disconnect:
  1. Click the Network icon on the taskbar
  2. Click the name of your VPN connection, then Disconnect

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