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When you are online, your computer has a unique IP address just like your home address, and everyone can see who you are and where you are located. When you visiting a website, shopping online or sending emails, your IP is associated with that activity, and it identifies you personally.

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Why should I hide my IP?

Did you know that Hackers and identity thieves may monitor your activities, break into your computer and steal your personal data like your identity, credit card information and passwords? Even your Internet Service Provider (ISP) spies on you! They track, and keep a record of all your activities. The websites you visit, your online purchases, software you download, emails you send, and everything else are recorded and saved by your ISP.

Who should hide their IP?

Anyone concerned with online privacy, safety, and internet security, who want to be free from monitoring and restrictions, surf the web and send emails anonymously, protect their identity, encrypt their internet connection, prevent their ISP from spying on them should hide their IP address.

How can I hide my IP?

ServStrong provides VPN Service which effectively masks your IP address for all of your activities, including but not limited to web browsing, instant messaging, voice over IP, and more. Your online activities will be anonymous and your data will be encrypted and secure.

Hide my IP to surf anonymously

Since you use intermediate VPN servers to connect to the internet, the websites you visit can't see your real IP address. They can only see the IP address of our VPN server that you are connected to.

Hide my IP to stop monitoring

Once you are connected to our VPN Service, your ISP can only see you are connected to VPN and you are sending encrypted data, The ISP would not be able to see what data you are sending over VPN, because all information relayed over our VPN servers is encrypted with AES256, An encryption made by an AES256 can be cracked by a brute-force attack in about 3 billion billion billion billion billion billion years by the fastest supercomputer.
This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from MaxMind.

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