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1 Year at $120.95/year [Vendor Price $299.00 - You're saving $178.05]
2 Years at $105.48/year [Vendor Price $523.00 - You're saving $312.05]
  •  Secures: Software
  •  Validation: Organization (OV)
  •  Issuance: 1-7 Days
  •  Secures Multi-Domains: N/A
  •  Secures Multi-Subdomains: N/A
  •  Secures both with/without WWW: N/A
  •  Secures Domain or Subdomain: N/A
  •  Mobile Support: N/A
  •  Warranty: $50,000
  •  Free Reissues: Yes
  •  Free Site Seal: N/A
  •  Site Seal: N/A
  •  Free Server Licensing: N/A
  •  Browser Compatibility: N/A

Thawte Code Signing

Thawte Code Signing Certificate will help you ensure that any code or content you’re looking to distribute over the internet is safe from tampering, re-hosting, and impersonation by malicious third parties. A Thawte Code Signing Certificate allows IT developers to digitally sign their software before distribution over the web. End users downloading your digitally signed 32-bit or 64-bit program can be confident that the code has actually come from you and has not been modified since it was signed.

Unlimited Apps Security

With Thawte Code Signing Certificate you can sign all of your applications with one certificate.

Organization Validation

This Certificate not only checks domain ownership, but also your organization. Your company details are embedded in the Thawte Code Signing certificate. It will ensure your customers that you are trustworthy enough to do business with.

All Platforms Supported

Thawte Code Signing certificate is compatible with all major formats, including
  •  Microsoft Authenticode (including kernel-mode signing)
  •  Adobe Air
  •  Apple applications and plug-ins
  •  Java applications
  •  Microsoft Office Macro and VBA
  •  Mozilla object files
  •  Microsoft Silverlight applications

Verify Publisher Identity

After downloading, end users can be sure that the code they obtained really came from you, helping you preserve your business reputation and intellectual property. Thawte Code Signing certificate allow customers to identify the author of digitally signed code.

Trusted Sales Outlet

When customers buy software from a store, the source of that software is evident. Customers know who published the software, and also see whether the package has been unsealed. These factors enable them to make decisions about what software to buy and how much to rely on those products.

Protect From Tampering

Customers downloading applications signed with a Thawte Code Signing certificate from your website can be confident that code comes from you and not been altered since its creation and signing. A Digital ID acts as virtual "shrink-wrap" for your software. If your code is tampered in any way, after it is signed, the digital signature will break and cautions customers that the code is not credible.

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